Lily GelMAN

July 29,2022

Top 5 Reasons Nail Decals Are The Hottest Summer Accessory ☀️

As summer temps have been rising, so has the demand for amazing manicures. While you're making waves in your favorite sundress and swimsuit, you don't want to forget to those nails! 

Nail decals are turning heads across beaches and pools everywhere. Here are some of the top reasons these little gems are summer's top must-have accessory:

1. Nail art is fun and flirty!

Plain old manicures are so boring! Show off your unique style by spicing up your nails with a little extra personality. Even one special accent nail can take your whole look to the next level. Make sure you're taking advantage of the perfect little canvas to add some fun to your look!

2. Decals are SO easy to apply.

Fashion doesn't have to be a pain! WrapArtist Nail Decals can be applied in a minute or two with a little bit of water and will last until you remove your polish. Simply cut out your decal, remove the plastic, soak briefly in water, and then apply to your nail. Voila! 

3. Nail decals are super affordable.

No need to break the bank at the nail salon or hiring an expensive nail artist. For the cost of a basic manicure, get 5 unique sets of decals that can be used multiple times each. We'll take more for less, thank you very much!

4. You deserve nails as unique as you are.

Express your individuality with a special touch that shows off your personal style. With so many different designs available, your manicure is guaranteed to be an original. Drab to fab and so authentically you!

5. Saweetie loves them!

No other reasons necessary - the nail queen herself is a huge fan of incorporating nail decals into her spectacular manicures. Saweetie changes up her nails like some of us change clothes, so nail decals make it easy for her to get a spicy, original manicure in a snap!

Saweetie rocking WrapArtist's "Say What" collection - posted by @saweetie on Instagram:

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