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    Set of fun geometric lines, shapes and dot patterns. Cut the strips to any length or width you want. Mix and match. Go crazy or stay simple. Example shown mixed with our Floral Clusterf*ck decals.

    • Opaque black and white
    • Clear background so you can layer on top of any nail polish or design
    • Super thin and easy to apply
    • Seal with top coat
    • Remove with nail polish remover
    • Printed with high quality ink from Japan


    Photo credit: @glitzynailz @reireishnailart

    Helpful Tips: Tweezers can be very helpful for control and placement. 
    Old top coats that tend to be extra thick, will ruin the delicate details.

  • Get Graphic
  • Get Graphic
  • Get Graphic
  • Get Graphic

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